We live in increasingly strange times from year to year. We all look sadly at everything that is happening to our neighboring country, Ukraine. Everyone is trying to do their duty and help as much as they can.

The tragedy in Ukraine impressed Randi, who composed a song inspired by these events. “Letters You Won’t Get” is a song that expresses the pain of war-torn families. The song is composed and produced by Randi, in the Famous Production studios, and the lyrics illustrate the tragedy of the people caught in the middle of this war.

In times of hardship, music can soothe us and, most importantly, bring us together. Like the rest of the world, I have sadly watched everything that is happening in Ukraine now. I saw images that impressed me terribly: separated families, suffering people, lives lost in this war. All this moved me very much and I translated these emotions and feelings into music, into lyrics. I wanted to talk, through this play, about the connection between those who stayed to fight in Ukraine and those who left and the things they may never say to each other again . At the same time, through this song, I want to contribute, to help the people whose lives have been changed forever. That’s why I decided to donate the proceeds from this play to the Red Cross. I believe that this tragedy has brought to light the solidarity, empathy, kindness within us. Lots of people and NGOs have mobilized and are helping refugees, each as he can. I also want to make a small contribution, contributing to this effort to support the Ukrainians.


The artist wants to help all Ukrainians in these difficult times, so all the profits that will be generated by this song will be donated to the Red Cross.


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