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We all love movies! Romanians especially love Hollywood movies. We were surprised to see in the blockbuster scenes the streets or places where we grew up. Probably happened to you at least once.

Some of the movies were successful, some were not. But for us it had a completely different meaning due to the locations where they were filmed. So here are the Hollywood movies you didn’t know were filmed in Romania.

THE NUN (2018)

The events in The Nun take place in 1952, where all it began before the previous films. The Nun is set in the Abbey of St Carta, although it was filmed in multiple locations across Romania.


The scenic Corvin Castle, outside the industrial city of Hunedoara, is doubling as the haunted Romanian Abbey.

carta monastery 1

The real Abbey of St Carta (Cârța Monastery), located near Sibiu, is unfortunately mostly in ruins.

Cris Bethlen Castle 1

The graveyard was built for the occasion at Criș Bethlen Castle near Sighișoara.


The network of tunnels in the old fortress of Mogosoaia Fort (Fortul II Mogoșoaia) served as the corridors and passages of the house in the damned abbey.


Some rooms of the massive Palace of Parliament in Bucharest were used for the Vatican interiors.

WAR DOGS (2016)

Filming on “War Dogs” began in Romania, which doubled for the country of Albania, where a seemingly endless supply of arms and ammunition is being stored. War Dogs, starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and partly shot in Bucharest, features the Intercontinental Hotel, another landmark of the city, in addition to the People’s Palace.


Filmed at Bucharest’s Castel Film Studios, most of the film’s locations can be found in Romania. The monastery-cum-fortress to which boozy French priest Moreau (Idris Elba) arrives to warn the monks that the young Danny is in danger, is Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, in central Romania about 180 miles northwest of Bucharest (much closer to Timisoara).


The winding mountain road leading up to the monastery is the Transfagarasan, or DN7C, the second-highest paved road in the country.


Negotiating the dangerous curves, Danny and Nadya make it to the town of Sibiu, where they survive by petty robbery, scamming a businessman at Sigma Restaurant on the town’s Piata Mica (Small Square).


Moreau seeks out the help of Blaze in the deserted steelworks complex in Hunedoara he calls home, and offers him the deal to be rid of the Ghost Rider if he’ll rescue and protect Danny.

cariera miniera rosia

Accepting the offer, Blaze tracks Carrigan and Danny to a huge quarry, which is Cariera Miniera Rosia, near Rovinari, one of the largest in the country and – happily – equipped with a gigantic excavator that bursts into incendiary life at the Rider’s touch.


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