Once upon a time was a land of fairy tales in the world of adults, at the foot of the Jacob’s Shore Mountains. Children all over the world wanted to cross the threshold of this fascinating land.

In a valley of a brook there are a few houses detached, literally, from fairy tales. Here you can forget about the frenzy of the modern world, deadlines and bills.

This is the place where you can relive your childhood memories, become innocent again and believe in good fairies, brave knights and dragons again. You can believe in Santa Claus too, his house is there, so it’s as real as can be.

club villa bran
Club Villa Bran Map

In the Valea Cu Povesti you will discover the Snow White House, the Witch’s House, the Little Red Riding Hood’s House, Santa’s House, Bambi’s House, but also the Dragon Castle. This land is located in the Club Villa Bran complex, a place dedicated to both children and parents.

So, if you arrive in Romania, you should not miss the experience and visit the Valea Cu Povesti from Bran, Brasov County.


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