Nature is the ideal way to relax and maintain well-being. In Mănești there is a special tree, a long-forgotten one that attracts like a magnet those who are looking for their ideal place for peace. There is a tradition in the area that every year after the Pentecost service, people celebrate in the shade of the 1000 years old oak.

The route to the 1000 years old oak tree starts on the Târgoviște-Câmpulung national road, in the area of Ungureni village. A distance of 3 kilometers of forest road, covered by a sublime landscape and the chirping of birds. Nature lovers will be able to enjoy first of all the route to the tree, walking through the deciduous forest, feeling surrounded by an all-encompassing peace.

In general, people from the city come to visit most often to enjoy the peace and sneak away from the urban traffic. On holidays, the locals come and enjoy every time with the same empathy the 1000 years old oak but also the environment. It is believed that people will do better if they come to this wonderful place, after the church service of Easter, Ascension or Pentecost.

History tells us that in the shade of the oak from Mănești, the ruler Neagoe Basarab would have sat down. It is said that Mihai Viteazul himself stopped on the Tisa, in his passage on the Dâmbovița Valley. The area became a popular tourist spot after 1900 and was added to the reasons Why is Romania such a unique and special country. The 1000 years old oak was declared a natural monument. However, there is no sign or place specially arranged by the authorities to further highlight this wonderful monument of nature.

The 1000-year-old oak from Mănești
Photo by @heads.inthe.clouds

At one point a tourist had put up a sign with the message “Those of you who come, I will welcome you in my shadow, I will protect you from the weather with my old but still strong branches, I will bring you a light breeze with the help of I will delight you with the wonderful voices of my little winged guests that make me feel young every day, but I only ask you to accept me as a friend and have mercy on me. through the ages and countless are the events that took place under my feet. “, but it also disappeared shortly after.


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