The Scărița-Belioara is one of the most valuable and representative reserves in the Apuseni Mountains. It covers an area of 450 hectares and is home to several rare plant species.

The Scărița Belioara geo-botanical reservation is part of the Muntele Mare massif and is located on the administrative territory of Poșaga and Ocoliș communes in Alba county. This includes the limestone plateau Șesul Craiului, Scărița Peak (1382m) and the spectacular cliffs of the Belioara Valley springs.

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The current protected area is 130 hectares. On the surface of the area there are plants specific to cold alpine and subalpine climates as well as plants specific to Mediterranean or steppe climates.

Deep valleys without water, vertical walls with sharp lacy ridges and isolated limestone peaks in different shapes, huge towers, rocky cliffs, all these shapes make you a spectator fascinated by the grandeur of nature. Everything is amazing and you try to memorize the shapes of the rocks by comparing them with various animals, to immortalize their beauty in many photos.

There are several caves in the area, but this is special in its shape. It is not long, but the entrance is about 60 meters high and the roof is missing. The hole in the ceiling of the cave is about 30 meters in diameter.

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The reservation has a special flora, represented by rare and protected plants. Among the most famous are Gentiana, Crinul Pestrit, Floarea de Colt, Argintica and Sangele Voinicului. As a fauna, in the area we can find foxes, wild boars, deer, bears and birds of prey.


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