Become a resident photographer of!

Become a resident photographer of! proposes a partnership with mutual benefits to all photographers or photography enthusiasts who are interested in promoting tourism, culture and gastronomy in Romania.

We all know that promoting an activity can be difficult, and growing in popularity on social media often resembles watching grass grow. Although promotion seems like a very complicated process, in reality it is much simpler. As in offline, social media promotion must be as organic as possible, have the most relevant content and, most importantly, have communication between multiple content creators. Together, the popularity of each creator will accumulate and we will create a network that will promote each of you, from the most unknown creator to the most popular.

This is where we will intervene. We try to bring you all together. The package of the resident photographer will contain both benefits and some requests.

Here are the advantages for the resident photographer!
  • A page on the site dedicated exclusively to the photographer, which will function at the same time as a profile, but also as an advertorial. Besides Bio, name, links to the profiles on social media, after a discussion we can customize the information desired by the photographer. The advantage of a page on an independent site is huge because it does not depend on social networks.
  • The photographer will receive access and will be able to post his own content about Romania on the Facebook page and can promote his own page, profile or site in the post.
  • We are open to any idea of yours. If You need help with something just ask. We may be able to help you.
What do we expect in return from the resident photographer
  • Post your own relevant content on the Facebook page. We will give you the freedom to promote your activity on our page, but in addition, we expect relevant content also.
  • Share on your social media platforms at least one post per day of the Facebook page, any post other than your own, and contain the hashtag #goromaniaeu
  • Any other idea to promote us will be more than appreciated.

Basically we want to form a big and beautiful family in which everyone helps everyone. We encourage you to get in touch with each other, to follow the same principles of collaboration as you do with us. But let’s not forget that at the end of the day, the most important thing is to promote our beautiful country.